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July 10, 2012
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  You snuggled deeper into the light blue blanket that was draped across you as you lay on your living room couch. Humming in content, you searched your T.V. for something to watch on this rainy night. Originally, you had plans to go out with a couple of friends to see a movie, but all of a sudden, a horrible storm had come across the town you lived in, causing all of the roads to flood. At least you were warm and cozy with some hot chocolate!

"There's nothing to watch…eh, I guess we'll watch this," you said to yourself, stopping on a movie channel. It was currently showing "The Phantom Of The Opera", and it was barely starting. You cringed when you heard a thunderclap outside your door followed by a flash of lightning. "Damn, it's raining cats and dogs out there…"

You lived in a nice little town that wasn't so far away from your parents, which made them ecstatic when you told them. The job you worked paid you well, and you had made many new friends, so you were never lonely or bored. That little fact made you smile to yourself, since so many of your old friends from college had moved away towork in different places.

"Ah, I need a hot chocolate refuel." you realized as you gulped the last of your hot chocolate. You reluctantly left your comfy couch to venture to your kitchen, noticing how hard the rain was coming down onto your home. Padding your way into the small kitchen, you set your mug down and turned on the  gas- powered stove. Reaching into a drawer that held pots and pans, you pulled out a small pot and placed it on the stove carefully, waiting for it to heat up. In the meantime, you decided to get the rest of the things you needed, like the milk and chocolate mix. You could still hear the T.V. blaring the music from the movie and pulled the milk out of the fridge and set it down next to your mug as you went for the chocolate mix.

" 'The phantom of the opera…'" you froze. That wasn't the T.V. Or you. " 'Is there…'"


You couldn't move from your place in front of the pantry. Trembling slightly, you felt something move behind you. Then closer, closer, closer…

" '…Inside your mind, (Name)!'"

the same person whispered into your ear as two hands snaked around your waist. </P>

"R-RAPE!" You shrieked as you leaped from their grasp and whipped around to face them. Your face, which was filled with pure horror and fright, now melted into one of pure annoyance at the person who stood before you, smirking. "Ugh! What the hell, Francis!"

The flamboyant Frenchman chuckled at your reaction as he crossed his arms across his chest. His blue eyes looked into your (e/c) eyes, amused. "Ohonhonhon~ Dear (Name), the look on your face was too adorable!"

"That wasn't funny, you bastard!" you huffed, opening the pantry to look for the chocolate mix. "And how the hell did you get in my house?"

"The back door was open."

You mentally cursed yourself at your stupidity. "Yeah, well, creepers aren't welcome. Go home."

Francis Bonnefoy was one of your friends - well, acquaintances. He was always trying to hit on any innocent girl out there, including you. You always avoided his advances at any costs, since you did NOT feel like being raped by the Frenchman any day soon. His charming looks and attitude may work on any other poor soul, but not you.

"Aw, but, mon amour, it's absolutely pouring out there! I'll get soaked to the bone if I step outside!" Francis whined, sitting down at your table. "Do you really want that to happen to moi?"

"Yes. And a lot of other things." you grumbled, finally finding the chocolate mix and closing the pantry.

You were waiting for the milk to get hot enough, so in the meantime, you sat down at the small kitchen table. Francis decided to do the same and sit right next to you, probably to annoy you.






</I>"Stop staring at me!" You huffed, crossing your arms in frustration.

"Stop glaring at me!" the Frenchman chuckled, tucking a strand of wavy blond hair behind his ear. Suddenly, his blue eyes lit up, "Oh, I get it, mon amour (Name) simply can't take her eyes off of me!"

That got a laugh out of you. "You wish, Francis."

Getting up to turn off the stove before the milk burns, you noticed how the rain was really coming down hard on your poor house. Only getting slightly worried about the well-being of your home, you turned to shut off the stove, when suddenly the small flames flickered off by itself - along with the lights. The whole house was dark, with only the small amount of light streaming through the windows. Another thunderclap resounded through the house, making you jump in surprise.

"(Name)! Are you okay? Are you hurt?" you heard Francis ask, though you couldn't really see him - which is strange, his flamboyant nature is clear enough for anyone to see.  

"Calm down, Francis. The lights just went off," you deadpanned, trying to move over to him without tripping on anything in your way. "J-Just help me over there and we can get some candles."

Another thunderclap made you practically jump into his arms as you finally reached the kitchen table. You could feel his soft blue eyes on you as you clutched his shirt in fear. You realized this, and immediately pulled away, your face as red as one of Lovino's tomatoes. He laughed while you scowled at him through the darkness. "This is all your fault, you know."

"Ohonhon~ And how so?"

"If you would have never came here, the lights would have never went out!"

"Mon cher, I find that very hard to believe,"

"Well, believe it because it's true - EYA!" your sentence was cut off when another thunderclap scared you into the blond's arms again, with your eyes squeezed shut and your hands shakily grabbing onto his shirt, you didn't dare move away this time. You felt him wrap his arms around you and slowly sit down, with you in his lap. Sure, you were blushing like crazy, but you'd rather be here than alone in the dark. He gently ran his fingers through your (h/c) hair, trying to calm you down.

Then, you heard him, in that French accent of his, start to softly sing. " 'No more talk of darkness…forget these wide-eyed fears…I'm here, nothing can harm you. My words will warm and calm you…'"


Your (e/c) eyes slowly opened as you heard him sing, and your grip softened. You never knew he could be this…gentle. Sure, he could be a total creep sometimes, but underneath that, you knew that you could truly trust the Frenchman. Why haven't you seen it before?

Out of bravery, you forced your head up to look at him, and you began softly, " 'Say you'll love me every waking moment…turn my head with talk of summertime…Say you'll need me with you now and always. Promise me…that all you say is…true. That's all…I ask of you…'"

</I>Francis looked like he just won the lottery right then and there. You felt him bury his face into your hair, continuing just as soft, " 'Then say you'll share with me one love, one lifetime…let me lead you from your solitude. Say you need me with you here beside you…anywhere you go let me go too…'" he lifted his head to gaze into your (e/c) orbs lovingly, " '(Name), that's all I ask of you.'"

</I>You couldn't help the smile that grew onto your face as you continued, " 'Say you'll share with me one love, one lifetime…say the word, and I will follow you…share each day with me, each night, each morning…" pausing suddenly, you pleaded with your eyes, " 'Say you love me…'"

" 'You know I do…'"

</I>Your faces inched closer and closer as you both sang, " 'Love me…that's all I ask of you.'" Your lips connected softly and sweetly as his arms tightened around you. You wrapped your arms around his neck, totally forgetting about the rainstorm that was currently raging outside. It was as if everything melted away and it was just you and Francis.

"…I knew I'd have you in my arms sooner or later~"

"S-Shut it, Francis!"



been watching phantom of the opera lately...and it's been raining pretty bad here in houston, so...this was born :/

pic can be found here: [link]
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kurino-sama-alpha Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2014
i love that song!!! it's so beautiful and mesmerizing!!!! Phantom of the Opera rocks your classical socks off!!!!
France, don't ruin the moment with your Frenchiness!!!
very awesome story
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Awwwwwwww :3 so cute I absolutely love phantom of the opera
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Your welcome it was very good 
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